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MONSTER DESIGN - The creature was Buffy, meets Lord of the Rings goblins.
MONSTER INTERACTION - This critter did dictate the film heavily.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - Very little new features other than the stance of the monster.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - Look, maybe very few things scare me but this creature didn't work for me.

PRACTICAL EFFECTS - Actually loved the finger severance.
CGI/ANIMATION - Hard to rate because there wasn't much but the eye detail worked.
FX MAKEUP - Actually a shining star in this film. Many moments of blood and cuts.

STORY - Mildly above middle of the road plot-line. Easy but not deeply innovative.
CHARACTERS - The characters did not have a great deal of background BUT I'm not sure that matters much in this movie.
DIALOGUE - Again, not a whole lot to grab hold of here but it also didn't distract.

So this movie sits pretty middle of the road. What would have stood out a bit more if they were to rework this? A stronger monster design, more creepy features, and a bit more backstory. The make-up department had their work cut out for them and they did not disappoint. There were some continuity errors in the costume distressing. The largest debate for me is how much backstory or character building is void of the plot. Perhaps I would have loved more but also is that necessary? Lastly, we spent LOTS of time in one location which does not keep me activated in the film. Middle of the road but not poorly constructed.




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