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Monster Design: This is a survival horror flick. The "monsters" are humans, who, of course, can be very monstrous indeed. But these guys aren't.

There have to be at least 10 million ways to better spend your time than in watching this film. It's not egregiously bad enough to be laughable, so it looses an opportunity for entertainment there. For some reason, I kept expecting to see a crew member show up in a shot...the self-conscious, "aren't-we-ever-so-clever" feel to the film kept me from truly caring about any aspect of it--the story, the characters, anything. It's not a good sign when I spend so much of my time thinking about how they got permission to film where they did, how actually low the cliff is she's trying to climb, how long it took to put on her mud make-up, what the blood was made of. Trim your nails for an hour and half rather than watch this movie. Your feet will thank me.




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