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The effects and outstanding performances from a couple of the actors were the only things keeping this film's head above water. The story was fun, but not unique. The demon's makeup was well executed, but the beast could literally have walked through any number of other exorcism movies and no one would know the difference. While two of the leads, the demon girl herself and the panicky boyfriend, delivered high energy and earnest performances, the rest of the acting was pretty forgettable. Although I will say that a forgettable acting job is still better than a terrible one. I know I've said this before - it's very in line with a Shudder original - the practical effects and FX makeup were incredible. Lots of classic gags including blood spurting, foreign objects in throat, demon eyes, skin shedding, a good 'ol finger severing and even some nice melting flesh moments. They pulled out all the stops for the effects budget and, in my eyes, it was worth it. There's enough going on action wise in this film that it pushes the story along, straight through the lackluster acting, predictable writing and hackneyed monster looks.




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