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MJ Dixon


9 Minutes


United Kingdom


Emilia is on over her head, all she had to do was get something to Blake, but now her car won't start and to make matter worse someone seems to be watching her from the shadows. She's about to wish she'd taken the bus.

In 2020 we discovered that our son had a rare genetic condition, it made him really susceptible to the virus and as a result, we found ourselves locked away for the next 2 years, putting our filmmaking aspirations on hold. But we didn't want to just do nothing.

Last year we made a film, during quarantine, with just the two of us (Anna and I) and although it was harder than usual, it was also a lot of fun. We hoped that circumstances would've changed for us by that time the following year, Sadly they had not. With a spike of infections in our country we were back to isolating to keep our family safe.

I had devise an idea for a short film that would keep us and the performers safe whilst we filmed, the idea was to set a film completely in a car. The tricky part was coming up with something that would support the idea and Beep Beep was born.

Our actor and producer friend isolated for a few days leading up to the shoot and we were able to make it work with a small 4 man team. Shot over 6 hours and edited over 4 days.

MJ Dixon was born in Sunderland, North East England. He started his career in film working as a PA on local low budget indie productions and soon grew to have aspiration of creating his own feature length films. Studying a degree in both filmmaking and screen-writing at the University Of Central Lancashire. In 2004 Dixon created Independent Production Label Mycho Pictures which led to production of the companies first official feature in 2010 with Slasher House.

Since then Dixon has written and Directed 9 Film and numerous shorts set in the fictional, shared Mycho Universe and create spin off series for characters like Cleaver : Killer Clown, Thorn, Jacob The PandaHeaded Killer and Molly Bannister. Dixon has also Directed a growing list of official music videos for reputable artists including Michael Schenker of Scorpions and Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden as well as working with genre legends such as Nicholas Vince of Hellraiser fame.

In 2019 Dixon announced a brand new slate of Movies set in the Mycho Universe. Including sequels for Thorn, Cleaver and others.


Writer/Director - MJ Dixon
Producer - Anna Dixon

Luna Wolf - Emelia