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Jessica Saunders


6 Minutes




Cecille, a retired musical composer, was in an accident 15 years ago that involved her current
caretaker, Ana. She used to teach Ana how to play the violin and one night during a
rehearsal session, Ana cranks the peg of her violin too hard, which made the strings snap and
hit Cecille in the eyes. This caused Cecille to lose her eyesight and have severe scarring,
and the trauma of the accident led Cecille to become delusional and develop psychosis. It
also caused Ana to dedicate her life to taking care of Cecille. The script takes place the day
after the 15-year anniversary of the accident, which Ana missed and had to hire another
nurse to watch Cecille for the day. When Ana returns the following day, Cecille confronts
her about it, but Ana doesn’t remember. Cecille becomes angry and upset about this,
convincing herself that Ana’s actions were deliberate, and produces a plan to get her eyes

As the writer and director, I wanted to create a story that spoke to me. I’m a huge horror fan and I hate when horror movies are predictable, so when I write my stories, I try to be original as possible. I’m a huge fan of Ari Aster and his films Hereditary and Midsommar. I believe he is the mastermind at making the most uncomfortable things visually beautiful, and I get great inspiration from that. My hope for this film is to really shock the audience and gradually grow the anticipation and suspense throughout, especially with the turn at the end. Since this is the first short film that I am writing, directing, and producing, I hope the audience will see it as a beautiful, but shocking horrific film.

Jessica Saunders is an MFA Film Production graduate student at Full Sail University. Her love for filmmaking started in high school when she developed an interest in photography, and eventually pursued her education in film and learned a lot about what she loves to do. She’s a writer, director, production designer, and BTS photographer. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge in filmmaking and showcasing her new horror-short film Eye For An Eye (2023).


Writer/Director - Jessica Saunders
Director of Photography - Troy Grow
SFX Makeup - Alyssa Cruz
Composer - Joshua Kendrick
1st Assistant Director - Klarissa Courter
Camera Operator - Alyssa Sullivan
2nd Assistant Camera - Bre'Ana Wright
Script Supervisor - Allison Struck
Gaffer - Emjay Green
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator - William Bagwell Peele
DIT -Madisun Mcnair

Norma Jean Lipert - Cecille
Kristen Lange - Ana