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João Italo


10 Minutes




At the end of the 1960s, a terrible wave of deaths and missing people in a rural town forced residents to flee. Euclides and Iracema need to protect their family against a mysterious creature and honor the conquest of their new home.

As a Brazilian and a peripheral person in my country, I fight for the democratization of access to cinema and for the revolt against the elitist circles that I encounter in my career. Horror cinema has been my study for years, and “Open Season” is my most personal film, which overflows the strength of social, fantasy and horror cinema, as it tells part of my family's story with the horrors suffered by my country. 1968 to 1984, by the military dictatorship. The day on which the film takes place, as you can see in the teaser, is the day on which AI5 was announced, a constitutional article that gave carte blanche to the dismantling of democracy, political rights, civic rights, art and culture .

The characters are a portrait of my great-grandparents and my mother, set in the house in which most of the generations of my family were born and died. Taking place on the balcony where I learned to fall in love with the art of storytelling, with scary folklore, I consider the film to be a personal milestone, for my small town and for my family.

The short is a fantasy and very faithful to my culture, country and family. In the last 4 years, we have suffered from a government that called for the return of dictatorship and the horrors of democracy. For 4 years we were prevented from creating culture and, in the first year after the end of the previous government, I finally managed to make this film, which is already having repercussions in São Paulo and outside our country.


Directed by - João Italo
Written by - João Italo

Executive Producers
- João Italo
- Joyce Cardoso
- Leon Barbero

Production Coordination
- Beatriz Pereira
- Leonardo Henriques
- Karol Simões
- Felipe Brandão
- Lucas Soares
- Deivid Dourado

- Ana Laura Mourar
- Beatriz Caldera

Line Producer - Joyce Cardoso
Assistant Director - Julia Moura

Cinematographer - Alexandre Elaiuy
1st Camera Assistant - Jeff Guimarães
2nd Camera Assistant - Thiago Rosa
3rd Camera Assistant - Diego Galera

Gaffer - Lucas Costa
Key Grip - Pedro
Stagehand - Victor Pierini

Production designer - Vibe
Art Assistant - Larry Anjos
Art Search - Jeff Cellophane
Props producer - Daniel Corrêa

Set Dressers
- Biannca Rodrigues
- Nelly Furtado
- Manuela Furtado

Sound Direction - Matheus Coutinho
Sound Operators
- Raíssa Teixeira
- Beatriz VK

Makeup Artist - Bianca Gambelli

- Breno Angélica dos Santos
- Camila Falchetto
- Larry dos Anjos
- André Luiz

Photo Assistants
- Diego Menezes
- Yasmin Silva
- Gabriel Neumann

Edited by - André Vidigal
Original Score - Thierry Lucas
Colorist - Lucas Cangelli
VFX - Rerick Veiga
Sound Editing - Thierry Lucas
Mixing - Henry Berrocal
Editing Assistant - Lucas Valente
Poster Designer - Rodart

Graphic Designer
- Beatriz Pereira Motion Animator
- Gabriel Neumann

Casting - Bruno Fonseca

- Letícia Cybis
- Carolina Alves
- Daniele Monteiro
- Camila Hatje
- Samy Reis
- Pedro Henrique

- Tom Transportes
- Jeferson de Freitas

Fernando de Paula
Yara Forrer
Julia Ramos