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Mark Zanosov


5 Minutes




Rhys flees to his garage as the report of a zombie virus hits the world. Trapped in his dark corner, gripping onto sanity, he hears the beckoning voice of a zombie on the outside.

Mark is an award-winning video editor, director, and cinematographer with a strong record of producing engaging and original content. Mark has achieved excellence in managing content creation, and has
successfully acquiring numerous accolades. Committed to using storytelling and visuals to effectively connect with diverse audiences.

More than anything, Mark is driven by his youthful enthusiasm for the world of film. He’s still in the early stages of his career, but his dreams and ambitions are sky-high. He doesn’t just love the end product; he’s head over heels for the entire journey of making a film. And as he carves out his path in the industry, he’s not content with sticking to one side of the camera. Mark wants to do it all – acting and film-making.
His creative journey is a testament to his youthful spirit, brimming with dreams and boundless

The themes of loneliness and isolation are present in “Still There?” Being about how far we go to find any connection, even in the most dire situations. The film explores the idea that, in our modern world, it’s easy to become complacent and believe that we can handle everything on our own. We often prioritize self-sufficiency and independence, forgetting the intrinsic value of human bonds. However, when faced with an unprecedented crisis like the Lazarus Virus, these barriers dissolve, and the true extent of our interdependence becomes strikingly clear.

Through Rhys and Lola’s evolving relationship, “Still There?” illustrates the emotional toll of isolation and the lengths to which people will go to maintain a connection. Rhys’s initial loneliness is palpable, as he struggles to endure the isolation in his garage, desperate for any form of human contact. His attachment to Lola, a voice beyond the door, underscores the human yearning for companionship, even if it’s an unconventional and seemingly one-sided relationship.

As the narrative unfolds, “Still There?” underscores that we are all interconnected, and our destinies are intertwined, whether we acknowledge it or not. In the face of an unprecedented global crisis, the story emphasizes that the bonds of human connection, however unconventional they may seem, are what ultimately sustain or break us.


Writer/Director/Producer - Mark Zanosov
Writer - Jennifer Piper

Camera Department
- Dasha Melnik
- Andrey Zhorov

Sound Department
- Aref Rashidan
- Shakira Mingonie

Composer - Mike Trubetskov
Makeup - Bella Devereux
Assistant Director - Alex PowerAssistant

- Banjo Stapledon
- Jack Carmody

Editor/VFX artist - Mark Zanosov

Gabrielle WilsonKey
Tyren (Tre) Maclou