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At the very core, this is an excellent film. From the get go, the characters and storyline paint a vivid picture of time period and stakes in the film. There are a wide variety of fantastic elements to note in this film. The soundscape built tension in ways that drew me to heightened moments but also didn't build too fast too soon. The blood effects and FX Make-Up is top notch in every format. There is not a single weak acting performance in the company. The camera angles and filming tactics employed (camera rotation, hand held vs. dolly shots, overhead shots, etc.) are artistically stunning and worth watching for the technicalities alone. I'm a sucker for a good set dressing and this film does not skimp. There are parallels here to The Witch (Directed by Robert Eggers) in both suspense and also build up to supernatural. Now, as a whole, this is on the bubble of being a creature feature, in a traditional sense. This is where the movie loses points for me and could use some stronger monster involvement. If you are looking for a good film that you can dive into and enjoy a strong storyline, you've found it. Especially if you are enjoying a good glass of bourbon as I did




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