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MONSTER DESIGN - Ghosts with no real fearful attributes
MONSTER INTERACTION - Reality skewed system that get thrown away at the end.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - Ghosts. I guess....
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - I did not find any scary moments in this film. Perhaps someone else did?
PRACTICAL EFFECTS - Some practical stunts, water, and gunfire. Deviating far from enjoyable though.
CGI/ANIMATION - The CGI department had a bit to do in this film and should be commended for the efforts.
FX MAKEUP - There was some blood in there but nothing to write home about.
STORY - Highly frustrating and lacking in care. Even some problematic stereotypes and poor connections between realities.
CHARACTERS - It's hard to rate characters with no depth.

A very low scoring film from me. I did not enjoy the reality fissures that this film tried to rely heavily on. Having these characters navigate two (or really 3) different layers of story line was wholly weak and the moments that we travel to "the Middle East," felt fully saturated in tropes and poor taste. When I make an audible "oh boy..." about half way through the film, it's hard to win me back. Some of the costuming felt all over the place, the tricks of CGI ghost control did not really make any tangible sense and a few of the actors felt like they were working too hard. I suppose this giant creepy mansion was cool? I don't recommend this film.




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