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I want to preface my entire notes by saying that this is a very good film. I'm not sure this is a quintessential creature feature. Spirits are within the ballpark but not a lot outside expectation. There were spirits and a few intense skinless people.

The story as a whole was a lot to process, in a good way. I really had to work hard to keep up with what the movie threw at us. There were so many cinematically poignant moments that peaked my interest. The lighting effects and scenic tableaus were a visual feast in themselves. Specifically, the lighting was hugely captivating and effusive. The soundscape incorporated vocals, piano, and strings in a tension building way that also didn't feel heavy handed. Many of the blood and make-up felt authentic and you should watch this movie alone for the "peeling skin," moments. I think where this movie really sings is the storyline. Many may feel differently but I thought that the exposition, the relationships of characters with the townspeople, and my personal inability to know what was going to happen next heightened the stakes of this movie. Worth a watch for sure.




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