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MONSTER DESIGN - This was the bottom line of monsters...

MONSTER INTERACTION - This was a confused romance trapped in the thin walled medium of monster movie.

MONSTER ORIGINALITY - it's a squatch...

MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - More afraid of the next kiss scene...

PRACTICAL EFFECTS - maybe a knife through a hand but below par.

CGI/ANIMATION - Some distant out of focus creations.

FX MAKEUP - Real off color.

STORY - Is it bad that a 4 is the highest marker here?

CHARACTERS - Very shallow.

DIALOGUE - Pushed and poorly executed.

I really did not enjoy this. About 8 times as much making out as monster moments. The acting felt pushed and performative (in a not so good way) and the entire film is far too dark. Perhaps they were trying to hide the poor film through the filters. The make-up was almost comical and when we finally got one moment of masked yeti, it truly turned laughable. What this movie lacked in execution, it gained in a few good laughs.




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