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MONSTER DESIGN - Amazing design of an old story
MONSTER INTERACTION - Environment fully impacted
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - This is Godzilla. AND for me, it felt strongly unique.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - Loved the sheer magnitude of this monster.
PRACTICAL EFFECTS - So many amazing moments. Also hard to tell if some of the CGI was actually a practical.
CGI/ANIMATION - This monster is strongly above many things I've seen. Really beautiful work.
FX MAKEUP - Also hard to tell if some of the CGI was actually a FX Make-up.
STORY - Classic giant monster tearing it up!
CHARACTERS - Strong ensemble production.
DIALOGUE - I found the dialogue a bit dry but also this might be caused by the rough voice acting in the version we watched.

I really enjoyed this film as a monster flick. Some top notch amazing monster footage and they cut right to the chase at the very top of the film. The magnitude of this creature and the progression from initial contact to evolved monster was hugely enjoyable and kept this classic story fresh. I do wish the english voice acting was a bit stronger. Major, major points to the CGI department. I fell fully into enjoyment with the detail work on Godzilla and would recommend this film to many a
creature feature lover.




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