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Monster Design: An aquatic beast that had hugely human qualities.
Monster Originality: Built suspense in a repeatable way. This film was fully about the monster.
Monster Interaction: I found the creature lacking in "new," features.
Monster Fear Factor: I found the monster greatly more scary when we only saw glimpses.

Practical Effects: The monster was partially practical. When it was, I did feel like we were looking at a man in a suit.
CGI/Animation: I appreciated the moments the creature dove into the water.
FX Makeup: Some blood and make-up effects with the monster AND the humanoids.

Story: Woman on island. Must get off of island. Kept there by creature.
Characters: The only thing saving this character rating is the lead.
Dialogue: If no one ever talked, I would have been happier.

When a woman is trapped alone on a small island, she may not be as alone as she thinks. This film fit the bill for a quintessential creature feature. Water monster picking people off one by one, countless moments of running or fighting an unknown entity, and no real rhyme or reason to what brought this creature about. The lead does a solid job of not hamming her fear (which unfortunately can not be said for the rest of the cast. I enjoyed the idea of the creature having hooves. The dialogue in this film was balls awful. Especially the BF who immediately shows up and acts irrationally. I was happy to see an organized battle at the end but removed from my enjoyment of the monster's originality.




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