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MONSTER DESIGN - Although the imagery was not new, the re-interpretation of a classic trope was strong.
MONSTER INTERACTION - Progression of monster specifics.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - Non-original monster with a spin of newness.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - Creepy human/werewolf humanity.
PRACTICAL EFFECTS - So many amazing moments.
CGI/ANIMATION - Moment of the werewolf eye was disappointing.
FX MAKEUP - Blood looked lovely and cringy, moments held beautifully.
STORY - I think a werewolf was a new and exciting vessel however the humanity and modern touches made the storyline compelling.
CHARACTERS - I felt the characters held great depth and appreciated each performance.
DIALOGUE - Playful and quippy.

This film is also an interesting one to rate. Although there were few true monster moments, the storyline and character development provided a strong foundation in which to put a monster flick upon. I found stylistic ties to Wes Anderson and rather appreciated the speed at which this movie travelled. Although there were a few off-putting moments of the film (werewolf eye CGI and a few continuity foibles) my overall enjoyment was discovered in the whimsy of dialogue and beautiful shots. It should
also be noted that there are many moments in this film that parallel school shootings.




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