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Monster Design: There was some weird spider demon blob. Kinda like a booger on a stick.
Monster originality: There wasn't a good deal of real interaction.
Monster Interaction: I suppose the demon thing was a bit different but it didn't quite connect in any way.
Monster Fear Factor: Some jump scares but not worthy.

Practical Effects: Booger on a stick..., the falling items in the room was cool though
CGI/Animation: I found the critter to have a hokey feel.
FX Makeup: I liked the eye rolls the kid had and some discoloration.

Story: Had a twist snuck in there but pretty easily found early.
Characters: Rather shallow in complexity.
Dialogue: Nothing stood out, but maybe thats good?

Normally kids in movies freak me out a bit but this possession flick lost a good deal of interest early on for me. A few moments of interesting practical effects but overall there was little to be excited by. A couple of jump scares can keep me involved but not enthralled.




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