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MONSTER DESIGN - I find it hard to grade a "monster," without a tangible presence.
MONSTER INTERACTION - Fully integrated. Never seen.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - Such a heavy presence but i'm torn about what to give this.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - I did not find myself living in fear.

PRACTICAL EFFECTS - Nuanced but not much to note.
CGI/ANIMATION - Very delicate. Fire could have used a scosh more time.
FX MAKEUP - Not a lot to talk about here.

STORY - I loved the entire idea of this film.
CHARACTERS - The characters were not poorly constructed but it also didn't feel like they had to work really hard.
DIALOGUE - Felt authentic. Loved some of the character dialects and sequences of descriptions.

This is a super hard movie to rate in this format. I found myself really enjoying the film and working really hard to intellectually follow the intentions of the piece and the "monster." This is in no way a "typical creature feature." DO NOT hold your breath to discover a creature in this film BUT DO strap in for a mind-bending and enthralling psychological thriller. There are very little "weak links," to note in this film and the story itself kept me entertained and ponderous. SPOILER: How do you rate a creature feature without tangible presence of a creature?




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