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HORROR DESIGN - A classic Zombie flick with some real high stakes.
FX/HMU - Some exquisite zombini makeup.
COSTUME/SetDec - Dreamy train dressing.
ORIGINALITY - It is a classic run from Zombies kind of movie but there is a lot of confined turmoil that ups the stakes.
TONE - Clear, powerful, concise.
PACING - I loved the way that this movie did not fall into a predictable rhythm.
DIALOGUE - Authentic and sparse within the circumstances.
CHARACTERS - Each individual had a unique objective that was trackable from start to finish.
STORY - Love.
EXECUTION - Top Drawer

I really enjoyed this flick. A true top drawer zombie film. So many moments of enjoyment from watching the infection begin to building a microcosm on the train... the train to Busan, of characters with varying intentions. Watching the zombies turn so quickly was incredible. The acting in this creature feature is very very strong. The zombie acting, in particular, in this film was delightful and when the CGI was folded into certain moments seamlessly, it made for a terrifying scene of mass infectious destruction. The boys have been hyping this one up for a while and now I can see why. Highly recommend




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