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Anaconda may be a classic, but not for the same reasons that jaws or alien might be. The animatronics are cool, but hokey. The CGI is the same. The practical effects are above par, maybe, and certainly fun to watch, but there is nothing revolutinary about this creature feature. What's unique is Ice Cube and J lo. They're more fun to watch than the robotic snake. I like the story. I think it has just enough twists and turns, but it could have been executed much much better. They should have cast danny trejo as the evil portagese snake hunter instead of killing him in the first scene and casting some god awful, B class version of Chris Walken. Also, the design of the snake just seemed lazy. They could have at least done something cool and unique with the face, like give him some extra spikes or flare teh nostrils. It just looks kind of doofy. And it doesn't even have fangs?




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