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The movie is based on a kind of cool premise but just isnt executed well. The thing that really brings the whole story down for me are the characters. they're just too one-note, one-sided, too carry the slow burn eery, building, suspenseful pacing that they were going for. I just didn't care enough about any of the characters to be fully into the story.
The creature I loved. He's not original, it's very reminiscent of old old vampires like nasfartu old, but it's refreshing to see. The practical effects and the FX makeup are both very high quality. really with some exrta work on the writing and a little more money spent on some better actors, this movie could really have been put into the top rated category for me. The set design was awesome, the props were so good. The coffin inparticular looked incredible and the book! But the writing, the dialogue, the pacing, alot of it just felt sloppy and rushed. The rest of the film did not do the boat and the deadly boat vamp justice.




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