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Beautiful giant boar puppet. This movei is hokey and it knows it. Lots of fun, matched with some really top notch gore and practicals. The acting sub par, but the writing is real well done to the point that it almost plays to the amateur actors. Again, i love the beast. I love the fact that they built it. Unfortunately any time the beast runs or we see any more of it's body move than the jowls and snout, it becomes CGI and really bad CGI at that. For the most part this movie spent it's money in all the right places. Nice beast effects, nice gore effects, nice locations, nice writing, but what fell off, the acting and the CGI, was very prevelant and very noticeable. Just barely creeps into the top scored section in my book. Can't say as though I can save it from the other chompr's or, really, from itself.




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