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After enduring a flick so abjectly bad as Ghosts Of War, it's difficult to pin point exactly where it all went wrong. Maybe its the full cast of unoriginal soldier characters ripped off of every other phoned in war movie, maybe it's the unimaginative free-phone-app quality ghosts, could be the offensively vague, shallow and stereotypical depiction of middle eastern warfare. It's clear that Ghosts of War had money behind it, but expensive does not always mean quality. When the story is equally as boring as it is confusing and the dialogue is as poorly written as the performances are over emoted, it really doesn't matter how much money was spent on the giant 'period-piece-mansion-in-France' set. It is still going to look cheap. The scariest part of this film was not any of the countless botched attempts at jump scares, it was the big twist that produced an audible, involuntary groan from many of us CHOMPRs. I won't spoil it, in case any reader decides to dive into this flick in spite of my warnings against doing so, but know it is a massive massive cop out. Do not watch this movie.




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