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Not really a monster movie, let's put that out in the open up front. If I wasn't using a rubric that weighed 30% of its score on the monster alone, this movie would have scored much much higher, but this is Bite night and we are the monster movie authority and I have to rate it as such.

The truth is, the real monsters in this movie are not the little ghost children who pop up every now and again. The real monsters are some of the tormented characters who are very much human and very much terrifying and corrupt and crazy and vicious and so well motivated and well written and gross and gorey and... I loved the acting, the writing, the story the lore... man, this was a really good movie and I hope it rates well every wear else. It's just not a monster movie.

What really did it for me was the cinematography, specifically the lighting. So much of the movie happened in, what otherwise could have just been the dark, but was instead a beautifully painted canvas, using colored light to not only direct the eye as a cinematic tool, but also make the whole flick look so appealing. This is also a very effects heavy movie, full of very high bar practical effects and some really creative and well done FX makeup. Lots of really brutal active blood and gory wounds. Even more than a few skinless, babies, but I've already said too much. No, It's not really a bitenight movie, but it is an excellent horror flick and absolutely worth a watch.




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