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This is the reason I hate found footage flicks. The google glass idea starts off as seeming original and creative, but what could have been a creative tool turns quickly into an annoying crutch. Especialy considering it forces the audience to experience the entire story through the perspective of a character who is very difficult to like! There are some obvious plot points near the beginning that are supposed to act as some modivation for us to like or rather feel for the Sarah character, but it feels forced and doesn't work. What was meant to make us anxious, what was meant to feel suspenseful, what was meant to build tension only stood to make us frusterated and confused. If all that wasn't bad enough, the acting is terrible and the creatures are dull. Why spend time are really nice make up work if you're just going to cut away from all the action. ANy moment that may have been some sort of practical effect was mutilated in the final edited by shit-hole quick cutting with record scratch 'google glass' glitches! shitty shitty shitty




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