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Love and Monsters' light hearted tone and subtle, goofy sense of humor balance perfectly with its gruesome monster creations and fast paced action sequences, making for a really well put together creature feature and a great watch. The main character is expertly written, teetering the edge of lovable and totally helpless and Dylan O'Brien delivers a performance that is easy to route for. While the monsters the story is based on are supported heavily by some tasteful and effective practical effects, they are almost entirely rendered through spectacularly real looking CGI. I could fault this film for being a little unoriginal in it's story and leaning a bit into some teen romance tropes, but I wont. In the end the movie doesn't take itself too seriously which allows the audience to not only suspend their disbelief, but toss it out the window entirely, lay back and really enjoy a deeply entertaining monster flick that goes down easy and doesn't push you to think too hard.




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