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I used to watch this show on animal planet, Animal wars or Animal fight or something like that. The idea was to pick two animals that would never come into contact in the real world and then figure out which one would win in a brawl. The team would spend the whole episode creating all these haphzard robots and machines to replicate bite strength and claw sharpness and then they'd input all the data into their high tech fight simulatr. The climax of each episode was this 5 minute animated video of the two animals fighting, the simulous of however the computer thought the fight would go. Anyways, this movie is alot like that. All the action is completely CGI, but it's still super fun to watch. The beasts are awesome and unique and look incredible, but that's all there is. The story is dumb and half assed, the dialogue is sub par for day time TV, and the acting is phony.




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