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PG: Psycho Goreman is a movie that is completely in on the joke. It's almost impossible to fault a movie that actively calls itself out on its own corniness so I won't try, instead I''ll praise it for being a really fun watch that doesn't claim to be much more. Packed with a myriad of goofy, but expertly crafted creature and monster designs and deliciously gruesome gore makeup, the movie is more than pretty enough to distract from a couple of unpolished acting performances. The sarcastic and over-the-top tone is loud and clear and consistent and makes almost all the "sins" seem built in, although there are a couple moments of drag. The beats of attempted sincerity - which often times turn goofy movies into great ones - fell flat for this flick, which is what happens when you force the audience to root for characters that are objectively one note and unlikeable. In the midst of a grungy, heavy, psycho-horror fad, PG: Psycho Goreman is a refreshing flashback to simpler scary cinema.




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