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As if "Carrie" had opened at Sundance instead of on the silver screen - Directors, Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma, push a classic teen horror tale through an ultra indy style lens with their Festival De Cannes select, Teddy. The muted color palette and composition focused photography are reminiscent of Wes Anderson classics, while the artfully understated yet heartfelt and believable performances from leads, Anthony Bajon and Christine Ghatier feel plucked straight out of Little Miss Sunshine. Borrowed aesthetics aside, Teddy manages to strike its own unique tone largely due to the smattering of gritty and gory practical effects culminating in a brutal blood bath. Speaking of which, it is difficult to separate the imagery of a high school buried in the gory aftermath of a werewolf attack with the allusion towards school shootings. It's hard to say if this was intentional or if blood on school walls is an unfortunately blatant symbolism unique to Americans. One that may have gone unnoticed by the French Boukherma twins. Dark metaphor for the very real side effects of adolescent bullying - much like the beloved Carrie - or angst ridden, twisted and furry coming of age tale, Teddy is a well crafted and deeply enjoyable piece of cinema either way.




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