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Something about this film felt a little 'in the rough' for me. Like maybe it could have used one more comb through before print. I like the dialogue, but the story, while unique and interesting, also felt pretty confusing and a little clunky. I feel like it could have been refined somehow. Maybe by cutting down on the side characters and off-shoot plots and narrowing the story's scope a bit.
Then comes the creature which (SPOILER) never really appears. I'm still gonna rate this as a monster flick, though, because one thing the story does make abundantly clear is that there is a singular being of some kind behind all the turmoil. That said, the anatomy of the creature is cool or at least the idea of the creature's anatomy is cool. It somehow bends time and gets its rocks off at watching being squirm around in little time bubble loops it traps them in. But what is this thing? A god? An alien? We don't know and perhaps that is the point. A win for this movie is the effects work. Lots and lots of CGI, but it's well done and for the most part is subtle effects augmented by practicals so they're fun to watch. In the end, The Endless feels more like an idea to me than a fully hashed out movie.




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