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The Hallow is about as near perfect a creature feature can get. Director Corin Hardy draws his audience in with a deliciously deep, dark and driving world and holds that intrigue all the way through with a story steeped in spooky Irish folklore worthy of the Grimms and then some. Leading man Joseph Mawle - who's heroic yet faulted father character was literally written for him - delivers a terrifically tormented, multi-level performance, matched only by an equally visceral performance from co-star Bojana Novakovic. The Hallow promises a cast of complex and relatable characters worthy of rooting for, as well as a horde of terrifying creatures so well crafted, from design to realization, that they feel like they're more than likely hiding in the forest outside your house right now. All the pieces are incredibly successful on their own and set to the rhythm of a perfectly paced story arch, summing up to an unstoppable movie and one incredible creature feature that is not to be missed.




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