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Amazing in all aspects. If I hadn't been nit-picky this movie would be 100% from me. I feel like I'm holding it to a higher standard becasuse of how surprised by its excellence it was. Netflix does NOT normally nail it with therer monster movies so this is a real pleasant surprise. firstly, the ensemble of characters are very believable. Probably mostly due to the writing and the story being nailed down in the book version already, but the acting certainly followed through. Some really nice FX and gore makeup and some great looking practically made effects. Nice carcasses up in trees. This movie does an excellent job with pacing. It's that slow to uneasy to frantic to shit-hitting-the-fan arc that they execute really nicely, not fully revealing the rceature til the end. Sometimes thats just annoying to me, but they kept things intereesting enough in the beginning that it was worth the wait. The cerature is one of my all time favorite designs. SO unique. Amazing look, amazing action, amazing anatomy. Two problems are; 1) they get maybe just a little frivolous with the beasts 'godlike powers' and 2) the beast is entirely CGI. It's good CGI, but even just one moment of robotronics or puppetry or anything practical would have really taken it to the next level and they had plenty of opportunities to go that route.




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