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While there are more successful werewolf movies, Wildling certainly holds its own. Largely due to an unstoppable performance from leading lady Bel Powley, who delivers one of the best renditions of the 'feral child' I have ever enjoyed. The same props got to the writing and directorial team. While at its core this may just be another tale-of-a-teen-wolf story, director and writer, Friedrich Böhm, sneaks in a few really nice, subtle details that set it apart from other, less successful attempts at the same premise. Yes, the teen romance it annoying. Yes, the supporting actors, at least the younger ones, couldn't keep up with Powley and it showed. Yes, we could have done without one terrible CGI fall from a cliff.

The lycanthrope make-up was very passable. It leans into the human half a little heavy, which at moments feels almost more apish than wolfish, but it makes sense for the story. It checks all the boxes with some teeth pulling and a writhing, wailing transformation moment. Set just above the bar, again, only because of Powley's good work under the prosthetics.




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