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A curated collection of international monster movie Shorts


Bite Night Presents is an online film festival dedicated to showcasing short films that ooze excellence in the horror genre. Bite Night's renowned team of Certified Honorary Official Monster Picture Reviewers or 'CHOMPRs' appraise each submission with an eye on practical effects, make-up, monster design, originality, overall story telling and execution to cultivate a curated collection of short scary cinema.

Bite Night Presents' mission is to not only put together a screamin' cache of horror, but also provide an accessible platform for beginner and student filmmakers - a free, professional place to share and showcase as well as introduce them into festival the circuit. 


Bite Night Presents accepts submissions through year round. Each selected short is awarded its own dedicated page on Filmmakers can display as much info on their project's page as they'd like with room for a full screener, behind the scenes clips and pics, bios, cast/crew lists, and links to social media and project websites.


Each month the Bite Night Presents team of judges select a film from the collection that exemplifies one or all of the Bite Night standards, thus meriting the Movie of the Month Award.

The Movie of the Month award comes with:

     Banner space on the front page of


     Limited Edition Bite Night merchandise


     The coveted Movie of the Month Laurels

     Social media blast on Bite Night's Instagram, @MonsterMovieAuthority

     A slot in next years live Bite Night Halloween screening festival 


     Submissions must fall in, around or adjacent the Horror genre

     Submissions must not exceed 10 minutes in runtime

     Submissions must be entirely original and consist entirely of owned or created content and media

     Submissions must not include any pornographic or derogatory content (to be determined by the judges) 

     Submissions must only be submitted once, but filmmakers are encouraged to submit as many projects as       they'd like.

     All judging decisions are final, but filmmakers are encouraged to reach out to judges for further                   clarification on their judging status

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