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The Shredder



       Dear Shredders, 
The deeper I dive into this stack of old DVD's the more I realize that this footage captures not just my past, some formative years, but it captures the core of me as a human being. Not so much the parts about dodging nerf darts and flying off snowy cliffs - although that's a big piece of me too. It's the footage of you all. My family. Some of you I spoke to yesterday, last week, a month ago, but many of you - Lydia, Teddy, Jamesy, David, Spence, KK, Sammy, Jenna, Mel, Tans, Erika - it has been way way too long since I've reminded you how much your love and friendship meant to me then and how much it still lingers with me now.
     Admittedly, this is a rough moment for me and going back through our old shredder vids has reminded me of something really helpful. On the surface it's just stupid dangerous shenanigans, but beneath that is so much patience and support. Watching these, getting a piece of that feeling - being surrounded by my family, my people, you guys - it has comforted me more than I can really say and I just really wanted to share all that with you. I miss you all terribly and I'm sorry it's taken me this long to attempt to put it in writing. In a very real way I am only me now because I was with you all then.


call me if you need me: (518) 407 -9288

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